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Whos is John B. Root ?

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Jean G. was born in 1958. He was raised in Egypt (Cairo). He became a tv reporter for French TV and a youth novel writer (a dozen of novels published). When he was 35, he radically changed his life and goals and became a porn director and producer. He took the name of John B. Root. Since 1995 and the creation of his company, he directed 23 feature films that were broadcasted by many european TV's, and by Canal + in France. He also directed several hundreds of hours of adult videos. He is his own photographer, script writer, cameraman and editor. Today, John is one of the most famous X directors in France. Traditional French press and medias often publishes about him.

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    • All these films are available in the member’s zone in their director’s cut version, uncensored and usually longer than TV version.

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    Most of these films are presented with a making-of video and with the behind the stage photos.