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THE BEST PORN: «Quality is awesome. When you get someone behind the camera who knows as much as John does, good things are going to happen.» 92%

PORNLIVING.COM: «You want porn done tastefully and professionally? Well then trust the French to get it right! I am very proud to have been contacted by John B. Root himself (if you don't know him you will in time) because this site knocked me off my feet» 94/100

ADULT REVIEWS: «This is really something different and out of the ordinary. A true experience! Nothing comes for free these days, especially not quality like this.» 8.5/10

PORN INSPECTOR: «I am in awe of Explicite Art, every area I walked through made me feel as though I was in a prestige playhouse where porn is on the menu and it’s all top of the line servings. Presented as a magazine layout, and just as easy to thumb through, no hidden detours and no surprises except for the high quality. This site magnifies beauty and class, and they’ve done so in a hard-core way.» 4.7/5

HONEST PORN REVIEWS: «Explicite Art proves that the French girls never say no and obviously know how to fuck! The quality of the photos is absolutely superb and we have come to expect nothing less from John B Root.» 9.3/10

PLANET CLIMAX: «With more than 200 featured models, over 600 videos and 40 000+ photos, members will have plenty of content to choose from. Live shows are an extra bonus for all members.» 9/10

PORN REPORTS: «Root's hardcore just looks better than almost any other hardcore you're going to see on the Internet.» 9/9

RABBIT’S REVIEW: «When they use the word "explicite," they mean explicit in the XXX sense. As to art, there is no denying that the professional quality and creative layouts of these shoots is definitely artistic and sleek.» 92/100

WHAT PORN SITE: «Explicite-Art is excellent value for money and has featured in the top sellers in our charts for many years. Our surfers tell us they love it and keep rebilling so what better recommendation is there.» 94%

RICHARD’S REALM: «The site has grown a lot since our last review, and John has only improved his photographic skills, and quality of the girls he uses. This site in my opinion is definitely not one to be missed!» 93%

PORN ADEPT.COM: «I don't need to make any long conclusions here : their content is all exclusive, models look hot, updates are frequent and the price is just about right for a site like this one.» 94/100

ELITE PORN REVIEWS: «I once heard a rock star stay that all the good porn comes from Europe. If this site is an example of what they can do than that might be a true statement.» 9.3/10

SNAIL’S REVIEWS: «Explicit Art is the brainchild of John B. Root, a famous French hardcore director. He's now one of my favorite porn directors.» 93/100

ALL HD REVIEWS: «As a whole this is an impressive and fascinating site with a ton of hardcore variety that you are sure to enjoy!» 9.5/10

CUTIE REVIEW: «Tell the boss you won’t be coming to work for a couple days, this site will keep you quite busy!» 92/100

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What our members say

“Hey I am a member and I think your site is GREAT!!! I LOVED the Carla fist fucking ... that is the best possible porn!” JOE

“Actually John I think your site is fantastic – if you look at the forums on the X3guide you will see my enthusiastic comments there (as Pianaman) – in a very short space of time you have created one of the landmark erotic sites on the net. Congratulations. I think you clearly have an excellent rapport with your models, they seem very at ease with you and I love to see them laughing and having a good time and being treated with respect and appreciation of their beauty and femininity.” STEHEN

“Hello again John, Once again I'm sent to paradise by your work! Polly and Pilar are becoming 2 of my favourite girls, so natural and beautiful. Your latest video of them together is wonderful (an understatement!)” BRAD

“The videos are amazing, and the girls are out of this world. I enjoy everyone video I watch. I also REALLY like the guitar riff you've got going through the latest ones I've watched. When I'm done watching the videos, I always replay them for that little bit of guitar, it's mellowing.” ERIC

“Hello John, As someone who views lots of internet porn films I have to say that yours are the classiests and best. Your actresses are beautiful and natural, settings are tasteful and music great too. The guys obviously enjoy themselves and the girls too I'm sure! I like the way you give cameras to the actors to film as well, a nice touch and of course the French language is so sexy! Keep up the good work”. BRAD

“Sorry that is the extent of my French, but I am learning more everyday from your site! Joined up a couple of days ago and I had to drop a mail to say what a great site, both in design, ease of use and sheer quality content! Such a refreshing change from all that US mass produced boring porn.” STUART

“Dear John Janet is fantastic. She and Emma were incredible. As Janet stands, with what in Britain we would call a look of hauteur on her face, while Emma inserts a dildo and caresses her were quite unforgettable. In scanning for that set I saw Janet and Mahe. Two perfect bodies more of them together (and separately). Naked and lightly oiled would be a dream. I do not know how you find so many fantastic girls but I am very glad that you do. Best wishes to you and the team” CHRIS

“Dear Mr. Root, Hi. I'm Ivy. I'm from Belgium and 20 y.o. I just wanted to let you know I love your films. I've seen most of them and I think you make the best porn movies in the world. Mostly I love boys but I think the girls in your films are so beautiful . Please keep finding such amazing young, pretty, natural girls. Your films are so good because they are so relaxed and natural and the people playing in them seem to really enjoy it.” IVY

“Hi John, I just wanted to say how much I love your films! Your actresses are always so beautiful and the camera work is always superb :) Also I'm very happy to have access to your website explicite.com which I think has some of the best content on the internet - great videos and lovely large format images. Many thanks, and once again congratulations on some superb work!” GONZALES

“Greetings, First of all thank you for producing this site. I'm a returning customer (this is the 2nd time I got a 3 mo. membership) and I'm really satisfied about Explicite.com. According to my personal opinion the way you make your photoshoots and videos is unique and far superior to any other adult site on the internet from artistic and technical standpoint and the girls are pretty and natural. Good job!” STEFY & SILVIO

“I am truly amazed at the image quality on your site. I'm new to photography (two months to date), and have not done anything adult-oriented yet, but had to ask about how you are taking these images...” ALBERT.