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For any login trouble/issue, please don't forget to specify, if possible, your username and password in the email.

You've lost your login info/manage your account

- Ccbill Support
- Epoch support
- BillingFrance support

Why am I unable to login

-You logged in several times with the same ID from different computers.
-The wrong password was entered several times.
-Disable anonymizing software or do not enter from anonymizing urls. Disable programs such as: Norton Internet Security, Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb. They might be considered hostile by the server's security which is now very tight due to the massive hacker attacks that the site receives daily The site is well protected against hackers and password trading. Your account is personal and sharing it will cause the system to block it in a matter of minutes. Spidering (automatic download programs) is forbidden as it negatively affects regular member's ability to surf faster. We have implemented features that will lock out your ip(s) and login.
-If you spider the site you will be disabled.

Send your login information to support and we will reactivate your account as soon as possible.

General information

We recommend a PC though a Mac can work after being configured correctly (more details on the video section). Windows 98/2000 ou XP running on any P3 or higher platform

Macintosh running on G3 and above.
Internet Explorer 5+
Mozilla Firefox (excellent browser)

To download the zipped (.zip compressed archive) on a Mac, you must the very latest version of Stuffit Expander, otherwise the dowload will be corrupted.

To watch the video you will need:

Windows Media Player,
Please note that Windows Media 9 Final is compatible with explicite
We recommend VLC media player which supports all explicite presented formats

If you have further technical questions which are not answered here email the support with your computer details, operating system, computer type, internet connection type.